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Hello wonderful world of tumblr! I’m Hazel (18 , Christian, geek, British, straight, daisychain-maker extraordinaire) I’ve had this blog for a little over a year now and still can’t find a way to describe it or me that doesn’t make the description take up a stupid amount of space. It’s mostly a fandom blog, what has the most prevalence varies hugely depending on what’s on and random fluctuations in obsession. My main fandoms are Doctor Who, Being Human, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Downton Abbey and British Comedy shows,then to a slightly lesser extent Game of Thrones and Once Upon a time. I will also watch almost any period drama (and sometimes other types of drama) going and transmedia adaptations of classics are my current fuel. With the exception of JKR, my favourite author is Eva Ibbotson, just beautiful characters way of describing things and they’re always as comforting as hot chocolate. I also love classics and their film and TV adaptions. Much Ado About Nothing is fantastic and Shakespeare in general is growing on me. I don’t post about music much but Regina Spector, Coldplay and Kate Rusby are my current favourites. In my perfect world Rory Williams would be my husband, Allison Larkin my best friend and we would live next door to David and Victoria Mitchell/Coren who would come around for peanut butter sandwiches and pancakes. I also wouldn’t have this pesky anxiety disorder and no one would ever shout or be awful to each other. But hey I quite like my life as it is too, and I know I’m extraordinarily lucky to have what I do. I’m pretty bad at giving advice but if anyone needs to talk to someone about anything I am here and will love you no matter what. “Just as the rich tea biscuit lives in harmony with the chocolate finger, so should we all live in harmony together in the great assorted biscuit tin that we call life”- Edward Monkton (Also, I made/own none of the pictures used in my background, if you do and want me to take them down/recognition just send me an ask :) )
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