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Hello wonderful world of tumblr! I’m Hazel (19 , Christian, geek, British, straight, daisychain-maker extraordinaire) I've had this blog for around 2 years now and still can’t find a way to describe it or me that doesn't make the description hideously long. It’s mostly a fandom blog, what has the most prevalence varies hugely depending on what’s on and random fluctuations in obsession. My main TV fandoms are Doctor Who, Being Human, Sherlock, Downton Abbey and British Comedy shows,then to a slightly lesser extent Game of Thrones and Once Upon a time. I'm also a complete classics and period drama (and modern adaption of classics) geek so there's usually something involving them on here as well as other short-running drama series I pick up along the way! With the exception of the timeless JK Rowling, my favourite author is Eva Ibbotson, my queen of vivid minor characters and feel-good loveliness. And then Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters and Frances Hodgson Burnett and... well if I listed every writer I loved this would take a while. In the perfect world of my imagination I'm married to Rory Williams and live in Regina Spektor's piano where we invite our best friends Allison Larkin and the Coren-Mitchell's around for pancakes and long rambley talks every day. In reality I'm an introverted English student recovering from anxiety who enjoys stroking people's faces through a computer screen, but there's still many wonderful things in my life, text posts about good and bad aspects of it appear on here now and again. I’m fairly rubbish at giving advice but if anyone needs to talk to someone about anything I am here and will love you no matter what. “Just as the rich tea biscuit lives in harmony with the chocolate finger, so should we all live in harmony together in the great assorted biscuit tin that we call life”- Edward Monkton
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Dogberry and Verges react to Holmes on Drugs



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Social Worker Tumblrs

Therapist Tumblrs

Psychology Tumblrs

Recovery/Support Tumblrs

Reblogging in honor of the last day of Social Work Month.  These arent ranked in any particular order so check them all out.  If I missed you just let me know!

yo I’m reblogging this because it can seriously help folks out, definitely a list worth keeping.


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Imagine your icon owning cows, but the cows escape. There are now cows everywhere. Your icon breaks down in tears.


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But seriously I don’t think The Love Gods really thought out the implications of getting Ben and Bea together. It’s going to be like if the unstoppable force and the immovable object teamed up. Everyone will be obliterated.

I think about this daily; Bea and Ben are the ultimate team - the group thought they were insufferable as enemies, but as a couple in a committed relationship, they are so much worse. You can’t disagree with them, you can’t try to debate, because they will literally destroy you. And it never ends… they stay together forever, being the best couple of all time, literally kicking all their friend’s asses at relationships. And they make it known…


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'O dear, o dear. Didn't you know that they bite?' She put her fingers next to her mouth and waggled them, 'They've got big jaws with pincers. It'll stop hurting in a minute.'
Lemoni clutched her finger again ‘It stings.’
‘If you were a cricket, wouldn’t you bite people who pick you up? The cricket thought you were going to hurt it, and that’s why it hurt you. That’s the way it is. When you’re older, you’ll find that people are much the same.’
Pelagia, from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (via kintsukuroibelle)  

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When loved ones die, you have to live on their behalf. See things as though with their eyes. Remember how they used to say things, and use those words oneself. Be thankful that you can do things that they cannot… This is how I live without Pelagia’s mother. I have no interest in flowers, but for her I will look at a rock-rose or a lily. For her I eat aubergines, because she loved them…
Louis de Bernières, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (via typowriter)  

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Iannis gazed at those unlined faces from the ancient past, and an eerie feeling came over him… What troubled him was that all these pictures were taking in a present, a present that had gone. How can a present not be present? How did it come about that all that remained of so much life was little squares of stained paper with pictures on?
Louis de Bernières, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (via typowriter)