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Hello Tumblr! I'm Hazel, a 19 year old English Student who critics are already describing as "a 19 year old English student", "also a non-denom Christian", "also an obsessive lover of all forms of stories and the fandoms that go with them" and "someone who is trying to write her blog description in a weird third person way in order to seem original and cute" This is mainly a fandom blog with some personal, spiritual and political stuff thrown in every now and then for good measure. Exactly what fandom it is depends a lot on random fluctuations of obsession but there's usually some literary adaptations (especially webseries at the moment) whatever book or author I'm currently reading (And note at this point that I'm a classic lit geek), Doctor Who, Being Human, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, various other period dramas, British Comedy shows, Harry Potter, Eva Ibbotson a bit of Regina Spektor and other cool music people and whatever else I get addicted to before I next change this description! Not all the text posts I reblog or write on here are happy, but I try to keep a positive outlook on life and I am not good at advice but I love you all and will always try to be here if you need someone. “Just as the rich tea biscuit lives in harmony with the chocolate finger, so should we all live in harmony together in the great assorted biscuit tin that we call life”- Edward Monkton
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rpattz ALS challenge video is my favorite because it’s the worst. so, basically, in character and totally predictable.  


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The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, not the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when you discover that someone else believes in you and is willing to trust you with a friendship.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (via quotes-shape-us)  

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[inhales] [exhales] [looks out into the sunset] the sweet smell of not being in high school

[remembers that i have no idea what i want to do for my future] [continues to stare out into the sunset] shit


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Sometimes I wonder whether I have any real intelligence or if I just have enough random bits of surface knowledge to bullshit my way through most things.


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Hal and Leo (Being Human UK) » for mirthfulmeg


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Since we STILL don’t have a video and I’ve got time now, may as well do this :) under the cut!

(edit: oh gosh this is so so long sorry I got carried away)

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endless list of favourite characters: harriet jones

"Except it’s not your decision, Doctor. It’s mine. Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North. The only elected representative in this room, chosen by the people, for the people. And on behalf of the people, I command you. Do it. "


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Love; it will not betray you
Dismay or enslave you, it will set you free
Be more like the man you were made to be